Brad is the mysterious psychic leader of the Armed Volunteers and one of the main antagonists of Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth.

He is revealed to have once been a disciple of Achi, deserting her once he realized that the power he had been given by her blood isolated him from humanity. As commander of the Armed Volunteers, he inspired fierce loyalty in his subordinates and waged what could be interpreted as a scripted war against the Ruffians for the purpose of feeling as if he belonged.

He also passed blood to at least three women, Leda, Kachua, and Radon, in what Achi interpreted to be attempts to make friends by creating people who were similar to him. All three women suffered because of this, but Brad still appeared protective of them, communicating with them telepathically and using his abilities to defend them when possible.

After Airan Jo and Achi confront him on his flagship, he attempts to engage them with a special squadron of aircraft. Airan succeeds in defeating him, causing the pilots to spin helplessly into the ocean, crying Brad's name as they fall. In the end, Brad decides to retain his human form and be destroyed, sharing his fate with the rest of the Armed Volunteers.