Isa and Kachi getting ready to escape
Game Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Stage # Stage 0
Boss(es) Pacifire
"The ship is down, swarming with soldiers and mechanical foes in hot pursuit. A daring escape ensues, and the heroes will learn a thing or two about intense shooting combat from this introductory challenge."
Sin & Punishment official website

Escape is the tutorial stage in Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. It takes place on the ship Isa and Kachi tried to escape in.

Story Edit

"You thought we'd just let you leave? Hand over the girl!"
Orion Tsang

While attempting to escape from Earth 4, Isa and Kachi receive an ominous message from Orion Tsang. Immediately afterward, their ship is shot down by the Nebulox. After Isa regains consciousness, the pair learns that the ship is about to self-destruct. The ship is boarded by soldiers from Earth 5 and the robots on board malfunction and start attacking Isa and Kachi. The two manage to defeat these enemies, however, and manage to leave the ship just as it explodes, hurling them into Fukuoka, Japan.

Stage Edit

Being a tutorial stage, Escape is notably easy, containing weak enemies and info boxes that pop up to aid the player. These info boxes serve to teach the player about the various actions he or she can perform. These actions can, of course, be used prior to the appearances of their respective info boxes. At the end of the stage, Isa and Kachi are attacked by Pacifire, a boss that serves to test the skills the player has learned throughout the stage.