Keepers are creatures from Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. Keepers constitute the majority of enemies and many of the bosses in Star Successor, serving essentially as the game's equivalent of the ruffians from Successor of the Earth.

History Edit

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Keepers are genetically engineered, artificial life forms created on Earth 4. According to Isa, Keepers were created by Earth 4's inhabitants in response to their imminent extinction. Since their own actions had effectively doomed their civilization, Earth 4's inhabitants created the Keepers in order to protect the remnants of the planet. The Keepers formed a close bond with the planet, and served, more or less, as an immune system for Earth 4. When Isa and Kachi crashed on the planet at the opening of Star Successor, the Keepers regarded them as what could best be described as an allergen, an infection, or, as Isa puts it, an "uninvited parasite". This is because Kachi is a non-human, alien life form, and by association, Isa was considered a threat as well. At the game's end, the Keepers aided Isa in his battle with the Nebulox, performing their duty of protecting Earth 4 by attacking the NS. As no third game has been released yet, the Keepers' status following Isa and Kachi's battle with the Nebulox is unknown.

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Biology Edit

Keeper biology is extremely varied, so much so that they may even be a kingdom of their own, separate from fauna, flora, fungi, protists, and bacteria. It is highly likely that each type of Keeper is a separate species. Keepers are seen to take countless different forms. Many Keepers are very similar to real species, and are often named after these species. More familiar Keepers include, but are by no means limited to, bipeds, quadrupeds, avian Keepers, crustacean Keepers, and ichthyic Keepers. Many Keepers, however, can take extremely bizarre and alien forms, such as the Horror Keeper and the mobile pagoda-like enemies from Stage 4. Keepers powers and behavior vary greatly between variations as well. While some keepers rely purely on colliding with enemies for offense, many are able to launch (often energy-based)projectiles, and some display remarkable melee attacks. The natures of Keepers vary too. While many Keepers are highly aggressive, some are actually passive, and merely happen to get in the way, or are simply placed on-screen to provide points. The Gryphon Keeper even displays respect towards Isa and Kachi after they manage to defeat it, and it transports them to Mt. Fuji. The only Keepers with confirmed names are bosses, as all bosses in the Sin & Punishment series have their names displayed on-screen.

Keeper Bosses Edit

Keepers make up thirteen of Star Successor's thirty-two bosses. This is a list of the bosses that are confirmed Keepers.