Game Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Stage(s) Escape
Health 2000
"What the...?! This thing must be on the fritz!"
Isa Jo

Pacifire is the only boss in Escape, the tutorial stage in Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, and the first boss in the game. It is not intended to be so much an obstacle, or even to further the plot, but as more of a test for the player, testing the skills he or she has learned throughout Escape.

Battle Edit

After wiping out all of the soldiers that boarded their ship, Isa and Kachi are attacked by the Pacifire, a large, heavily armed robot. Pacifire's weak point is its central processing unit. Pacifire's attacks consist of stomping, a beam that creates a vertical shaft of harmful energy wherever it hits, and bombs. In addition to shooting it, Isa and Kachi can hit its bombs back at it. Another method of damaging it is shooting the pillars that hang over the battlefield. Doing so will cause the pillars to drop on top of Pacifire, exploding on impact. Like most mechanical bosses in the series, Pacifire collapses and explodes when it is defeated.

Etymology Edit

"Pacifire" is a purposeful misspelling of "pacifier." The name incorporates the word "pacifier," which literally means "peace maker," and "fire," referring to combustion and/or the act of projecting a missile.