Phoenix Keeper
Phoenix Keeper Artwork
Game Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Stage(s) Urban Ruins
Health 500
Alignment Keeper

The Phoenix Keeper (known in the Japanese version as the Cock Keeper) is the first boss in Urban Ruins. It is also the first boss that is a Keeper.

Battle Edit

The fight with the Phoenix Keeper is notably easy, as it has only one health meter, whereas other bosses can have up to twenty. It normally attacks by either unleashing a massive flurry of energy blasts or shooting fireballs. If the boss survives long enough, it will come in close to the player's character for a close-range peck attack, at which point the player can hit it with melee attacks. Aside from that, the only other way Isa or Kachi can take damage is from the crab-like Keepers that attack alongside it. After it is defeated, it collapses and falls off of the street it was standing on.

Etymology Edit

The title "Phoenix" comes from a legendary bird of the same name. Aside from being an avian creature with a connection to fire, however, the Phoenix Keeper shows no other similarities to the mythical bird it is named after.

Gallery Edit