Game Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth
Alignment Ruffians

Radan is the first boss from Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth. Her human appearance is unknown, but her Ruffian Form resembles a large mutated dog with a skeletal tail tipped with a blade.

Biography Edit

Little is known about her early life, but at one point prior to the game she met Brad and inherited his Blood. At the start of the game she attacks Tokyo in her quadrupedal Ruffian Form along with a horde of Ruffians. For unkown reasons she chose to betray Brad and side with the Ruffians. Brad's new heir, Kachua states in the intro that Radan is jealous of her and that the Armed Volunteers knew she would attack. Saki Amamiya and the Saviour Group first encounter Radan on the lift to the transport they plan to steal. At the top of the building Radan tries to prevent them from taking the Transport so Saki engages her in battle and kills her.

Strategy Edit

Your bullet shots won't do much and they certainly won't keep Radan from trying to push you off the building, so when she gets close, slash her with your sword until you push her off. Watch out for her next move, a giant pounce right back on top of the building aimed right at you. She'll now start firing red projectiles or a charged


up laser beam which you'll need to jump over. She'll also pounce, but a well placed sword swing will knock her back. During your sword strikes she may strike lightning at you, but its just a matter of well placed rolling.