Squad Leader
Chief Soldier
Game Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Stage(s) Urban Ruins
Health 500
Alignment Earth 5 Military

The Squad Leader(known in the Japanese version as the CHIEF SOLDIER) is the third boss in Urban Ruins.

Battle Edit

The Squad Leader is a high-ranking soldier with a Cannon Sword who rides atop a tank. He attacks Isa and Kachi outside of the Snapper Keeper's lair. Throughout the battle, the player's character is attacked by soldiers, while the Squad Leader attacks from atop his tank. Though he does not fire his Cannon Sword, he will activate the blade and throw it like a boomerang. When all soldiers on screen are eliminated, the Squad Leader will jump down from the tank, swinging his Cannon Sword downward to attack at the same time. For a short time, he will also attack from close range. He cannot be hurt by normal shots; only melee attacks and Charge Shots will damage him.