Urban Ruins
Urban Ruins
Game Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Stage # Stage 1
Boss(es) NS Ironbat
Phoenix Keeper
Squad Leader
Orion Tsang
Snapper Keeper
"A once great city laid to waste, these ruins are now home to untold thousands of hostile life forms, known as Keepers. From decaying highways to rooftops in disrepair, the native fauna have taken over every corner of the city. Isa and Kachi will face off against Keepers big and bigger, with the Nebulox not far behind."
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Urban Ruins is the first major stage in Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. It takes place in Fukuoka, Japan, and is the first level in which Keepers appear.

Story Edit

"Yes. Flee. Running is nothing but an futility."
Orion Tsang

After their ship explodes, Isa and Kachi fall into Fukuoka, Japan, a ruined metropolis. While fleeing from Orion Tsang, Isa and Kachi face off against Earth 5's military and Keepers. They manage to defeat these opponents and destroy the second of Orion Tsang's puppet bodies. From inside a building, Isa searches for the quickest route off Earth 4. Kachi questions him about "monsters," which Isa explains are Keepers. After explaining the origin of the Keepers, Isa finds a way off of the planet, and the two head towards the Undersea Tunnel.

Stage Edit

As the first stage of the game(not counting Escape), the bosses and enemies in the Urban Ruins are relatively easy. The first half of the stage is spent mostly following streets and highways. Most of the hostile enemies in this stage are Earth 5 soldiers and their weaponry, including ground vehicles, turrets, and aircraft. After defeating the Phoenix Keeper, the stage is mostly air-based, making use of the characters' levitation devices. After circling a skyscraper and destroying the weapons that have been mounted to it, as well as another NS Ironbat, some foot soldiers, and the Squad Leader, Isa and Kachi finally face off against Orion Tsang. After beating Orion, the last boss of the stage, the Snapper Keeper, is fought within the skyscraper. Overall, the stage is quite easy, though players may have some trouble with Orion Tsang and the Snapper Keeper, especially on higher difficulties.